SAMBAOKE is a mass audience karaoke singalong, accompanied by a live samba band.

The lyrics are projected onto a giant screen.

SAMBAOKE perform unique samba-arrangements of karaoke classics.

We accept song requests in advance of any event, from any genre or era.

SAMBAOKE is ideal for carnivals, festivals, parties and corporate events.


We’ve created samba-versions of songs written by:

Bowie, Bruno, Bonnie and Britney

Toto, Dolly, ABBA and Whitney

Beatles, Nirvana, Madonna, Adele

Queen, Oasis and Lionel as well

Plus many more…


Beautifully conceived, actioned with discipline and humour. The world has been waiting for this!
What an awesome night! So much fun we didn’t want it to end!
Great night, sang and danced my socks off. So much energy in the room, let’s do this again!
Guys, that was soooooo much fun!!! Just got home and collapsed in a very happy heap.
Honestly one of the best nights out I’ve had in ages! Can’t wait to do it again!